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NFT and the industry

NFTs have been trending everywhere, but do you know how they have been disrupting different industries? Here are a few of the industries!

Gaming, arts, fashion and sports!

Disruption signifies something that is innovative or ground breaking. In the industries, here are examples of NFTs:

Gaming/Sports Industry: Tokenised point system

The tokenised point system is another way to monetise fan contribution. The gaming companies can essentially by creating virtual assets of team rewards, players, gear and fan-based incentives to provide verified ownership of authentic team apparel and also providing transferable value as these items can be sold.

Arts Industry: Programmable art

It is art built on the blockchain. They are digital and interactive paintings that can be created and sold. The art piece's value can be tracked on the stock exchange. It blends and blurs the boundaries of traditional art and digital art. Check out for more!

Fashion: Digital outfits

As part of their marketing efforts, Balenciaga had launched minigames for a significant event in China. Additionally, Lancôme launched exclusive NFTs in collaboration with a well-known NFT-creator to build momentum and derive added value to launches. These are all ways in which fashion etches onto the next frontier of fashion and self-expression: creating luxurious value in the digital landscape as well.

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