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Podar Eduspace

Our Programs 

Take the next step towards your success by upskilling yourself with our selection of Podar Eduspace courses and offerings


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Podar Skills

Powered by Harvard Business Publishing. 13 certificates to boost hard, soft and digital skills. Flexible skills-based learning to prepare you for the 21st century, all-in-one holistic development and profile building.

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WorkEx Bootcamp 

Improve your competitiveness with our WorkEx Bootcamp, a solution to bridge the gap between traditional college education and real-world employable skills.

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EduSpace Internships

Work with experts from a field of your choice. Digital marketing, finance, AI, science, psychology and more. Conduct in-depth research based on a curated topic and published on EduREPORTS.

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EduREPORTS is a programme where we publish the research reports created by the graduating cohorts of the

WorkEx Bootcamp and independent research submitted from our community on diverse topics such as technology, social welfare, and more. 

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