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WorkEx Bootcamp

A 4-module, 6-8 week advanced industry training programme in collaboration with Harvard Business School Online and Podar Enterprise for students and professionals. 

In collaboration with:
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WorkEx Bootcamp Modules

The WorkEx Bootcamp integrates four modules
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HBS Online



Get access to world-leading education to enhance your global business acumen and receive an HBS Online certificate upon successful course completion.


Courses available:

  • Sustainable Business Strategy 

  • Leadership Principles

  • Negotiation Mastery

  • Disruptive Strategy

  • Business Analytics

  • Entrepreneurship

Programming Console




Develop a complete understanding of 21st Century trends and receive a certificate from Podar Eduspace upon course completion.



Workshop Components:

  • Crypto & NFTs

  • Artificial Intelligence 

  • Blockchain & IoT

  • Metaverse & New Trends

Sticky Notes

Startup Design 101

Learn the foundational skills to build a business from start to finish and receive a certificate from Podar Eduspace upon course completion.


Workshop Components:

  • Design Thinking & Ideation

  • UX Research & Prototyping

  • Startup Pitch

Working from Home

Industry Internship

Participate in a 2-4 week optional research internship opportunity at one of our partner organisations to leverage your learnings from the courses in a real business setting.

Internships available:

  • Podar Enterprise (Conglomerate)

  • Anandilal Podar Trust (NGO)

  • Oyster Capital Management (Consulting)

WorkEx Bootcamp Modules

Module 1: Harvard Business School Online

Download the course catalogue and select one of the 15 tracks offered
HBS Online Tracks
Leadership Track

Take your skills to the next level and unleash your potential as a future leader

Chess Game
Strategy Track

Become a purpose driven and dynamic business leader to create change.

Analytics Track

Secure your future with data and a problem solving base approach!

Meeting Room Business
Entrepreneurship Track

Release your inner Entrepreneur with us through innovative solutions

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Module 2: MetCrynN

Powered by Podar Eduspace for 21.5 Century thinking

  • Co-designed with industry professionals, the 4-day workshop combines an up-to-date curriculum with experienced technical professionals as instructors

  • Form a deep understanding with new themes and current technologies, ranging from crypto and NFTs, to the metaverse

  • Train your ability to communicate and converse on these topics, their use cases, risks, and technicalities. ​


Module 3: Startup Design 101

Powered by Podar Eduspace

  • Learn about industry best practices such as design thinking to minimize risk when launching your own enterprise

  • Conduct UX research to validate your business assumptions and learn how to prototype solutions with industry tool

  • Level up your ability to sell with pitching workshops to improve your slide design, financial modeling, and storytelling

  • Pitch to senior business leaders and industry experts to hone your confidence and business acumen.

Writing a Sticky Note

Podar Enterprise has been a prominent player in the education industry across the Indian subcontinent since 1921. The Podar family has established educational facilities in various cities across India.

Anandilal Podar Trust
Oyster Capital.jpg
Oyster Capital
Virtual Intern

Module  4: Industry Internships

Intern with one of our partner organisations in the concluding module of the Bootcamp

Student Journey

Nandini Bansal, 

WorkEx Bootcamp September 2021 Batch

Culinary Arts, Fashion Institute Mumbai


Anshika Mittal,

WorkEx Bootcamp September 2021 Batch

Statistics, Delhi University

Nandini Bansal, 

WorkEx Bootcamp Cohort 2 Member

Master's at XXX University

Abhishek Jain,

WorkEx Bootcamp September 2021 Batch

Law, OP Jindal Global University

Nischita Paderu,

WorkEx Bootcamp

September 2021 Batch,

OP Jindal Global University

"The student to faculty ratio was optimal, giving everyone in the cohort a perfect chance to participate in every session."

Limited Places Available​

  • The programme is limited in places as the batch size is intended to be kept small (30-40 participants) to keep the experience personalized and enriching

Eligibility Criteria 

  • No age or qualifications requirements

  • The only requirement is an aspiration to up-skill and be ahead of the curve

  • There are no academic or professional prerequisites for this programme

  • A typical batch would have participants ranging from early-year students to mid-career professionals

  • There are also no discipline-specific learnings.

  • The participants come from a diverse pool of backgrounds such as law, business, medicine, technology, finance, etc. 

How to Apply

Provide the information below and you will hear back from the Podar Eduspace team to take your application forward.

Application Form
Upload File

Thank you for submitting your application for the WorkEx Bootcamp! You will hear back on the status of the application in 48 hours from Team Podar Eduspace.

Apply Now
  • Am I eligible for this course?
    All students and young professionals above the age of 15 and who command a level of fluency in English are eligible.
  • What does the application process consist of?
    All applicants should fill out the form above and our team will reach out shortly with a short call. If all goes smoothly, you will be invited to join the cohort!
  • How does this program benefit me as a student?
    This course provides a strong foundation of hard, soft, and digital skills from highly-trained professionals at Harvard Business Publishing and Podar Enterprises. It demystifies business skills and prepares you for the world ahead. It definitely is the perfect profile building opportunity for your college or university applications. Harvard Business Publishing is a recognised awarding body and will help you gain practical skills – especially presentation skills.
  • How does this program benefit me as a professional?
    The course supports up-skilling of professionals as well as provides professionals with access to industry leaders, in-demand skills and important concepts such as AI, innovation etc.
  • How does this program boost employability?
    Aside from the skills and resume support, participants get access to an optional virtual research internship experience with partner companies within the fields of finance, consulting, NGOs.
  • How long does the course run for?
    Podar Skills The programme takes 30 hours to complete which can be taken as 2 hours per day for 2 weeks. Students have flexibility to do it at their own pace and they have 3 months to complete all the courses from Harvard Business Publishing, and they can complete the PodarPRO module at their convenience. Work Ex Bootcamp Our program runs for approximately 6 weeks with dates depending on the courses selected. The Startup Design 101 Workshop runs from 11-1:30pm IST for two days over one weekend, The MetCrynN Workshop runs from 11-1:30pm IST for two days over one weekend and the HBS Online courses are to be done in your own time.
  • What happens if I miss a session?
    All sessions will be recorded and all materials & recordings will be shared with course participants for their review. It is encouraged that students attend all courses.

Contact Us

Write to us with your queries, curiosities and ideas at or simply call us at +91 98202 27795. 

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