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Develop 13 key skills, and 12 Harvard certificates to boost your profile and rêsumé for the next step in your career.

Programme Fee: Rs. 25,000/-

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per week

  • 30 hours

  • Self-paced, asynchronous

  • 12 Harvard Business Publishing PLUS 1 PodarPRO certificate

  • 3 months access

  • Interactive platform

  • Résumé boost

  • Rolling admissions


Develop 13 key skills, and 12 Harvard certificates to boost your profile and rêsumé for the next step in your career.


School Students 

Everything you need to know before university. From presentation skills to essential business skills. Learn how to unlock your creativity and digital intelligence – while boosting your profile!

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✓  Skills-based learning

✓  Hard, soft, digital skills

✓  Holistic curriculum

✓  One-on-one mentoring

✓  Applicable to all fields

✓  Guaranteed résumé boost

Application Form


Book a session with our mentors to learn more and ask any questions you may have.



Thank you for registering, someone from the team will reach out to help you process the payment.

  • Am I eligible for this course?
    All students and young professionals above the age of 15 and who command a level of fluency in English are eligible.
  • What does the application process consist of?
    All applicants should fill out the form above and our team will reach out shortly with a short call. If all goes smoothly, you will be invited to join the cohort!
  • How does this program benefit me as a student?
    This course provides a strong foundation of hard, soft, and digital skills from highly-trained professionals at Harvard Business Publishing and Podar Enterprises. It demystifies business skills and prepares you for the world ahead. It definitely is the perfect profile building opportunity for your college or university applications. Harvard Business Publishing is a recognised awarding body and will help you gain practical skills – especially presentation skills.
  • How does this program benefit me as a professional?
    The course supports up-skilling of professionals as well as provides professionals with access to industry leaders, in-demand skills and important concepts such as AI, innovation etc.
  • How does this program boost employability?
    Aside from the skills and resume support, participants get access to an optional virtual research internship experience with partner companies within the fields of finance, consulting, NGOs.
  • How long does the course run for?
    Podar Skills The programme takes 30 hours to complete which can be taken as 2 hours per day for 2 weeks. Students have flexibility to do it at their own pace and they have 3 months to complete all the courses from Harvard Business Publishing, and they can complete the PodarPRO module at their convenience. Work Ex Bootcamp Our program runs for approximately 6 weeks with dates depending on the courses selected. The Startup Design 101 Workshop runs from 11-1:30pm IST for two days over one weekend, The MetCrynN Workshop runs from 11-1:30pm IST for two days over one weekend and the HBS Online courses are to be done in your own time.
  • What happens if I miss a session?
    All sessions will be recorded and all materials & recordings will be shared with course participants for their review. It is encouraged that students attend all courses.
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