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EduSpace Internships

Take the first step to your dream career. Work with our industry partners to gain experience and work on a research internship in the industry of your choice. Stand the chance to have your work published on our page: EduREPORTS as well!

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Internship Opportunities


Work in business fields of your choice. Be it marketing, finance, human resources, innovation, research, accounting department, legal or any business function you want to explore.

Industry Explorations

Research and analyze different industries, learn about industry trends and challenges, and gain insights. Pick a field and combine topics such as psychology and marketing, biology and business – curate to your interest!


Is AI a necessary evil? Explore the world of digital technologies like so and show your core competencies in the field of technologies such as AI, metaverse, EdTech and more. 


Uncover the hidden system of the non-government organisations and how they contribute to India. Study frameworks, governance, politics, economics and other areas that make the largest economy work – India.


Discover how sciences intersect. Whether you're looking gain experience in biology, chemistry, physics, or engineering, pick a topic and we will match you to an expert.


History, politics, economics, psychology, anthropology or more, we will match you to a field expert in help guide you research unique topics. Embark on an exploration of human-made systems and enrich your mind.

Connect with experts

Gain experience through personalized one-on-one mentorship with industry professionals.

Explore your field

Receive personalized guidance and curated research topics to deep dive into your chosen field.

Gain work experience

Enhance your résumé with skills and experience that enrich your profile for your dream university or career.

The perfect first step

Explore new industries, get published, and sample the professional world to discover your dream job.


Apply Now

Get in touch with us, and we can help you apply for internships with our industry partners. Tell us a little about yourself, successful applicants will receive a response within 24-48 hours.

Thanks for submitting!

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