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About Podar Eduspace

Podar Eduspace is the educational pillar of Podar Enterprise focusing on student programmes ranging from research, volunteering, skill development & advisory to educational institutes.


It also marks our foray into EdTech and leverages the online medium to reach people in India, and worldwide. Our offerings seek to equip our students with practical knowledge and valuable skills to combat the challenges of the 21st century.


The WorkEx Bootcamp (launched by Podar Eduspace) is a programme that integrates Harvard Business School Online, and Podar Enterprise courses to inculcate interdisciplinary skills to boost employability and knowledge. Explore our courses here


Students have a chance to choose from internship opportunities and work with top industry professionals and fast-track their employability. Upskill with these internships!


Put the skills learnt to the test. Podar Eduspace offers multiple competitions to challenge yourself and join a global community of like-minded youth and professionals. Check out our past and upcoming competitions.


Podar Eduspace is now expanding its footprint to the skilling ecosystem of India. As part of the Podar legacy, we now join hands with the Government of India to conduct mass upskilling in remote, rural and urban regions across India.

Learn more about our initiatives here

Our Vision 

Supercharge India’s employability by upskilling the unemployed


We aspire to reduce unemployment by creating a knowledge ecosystem where students and young professionals can upskill themselves to stay relevant in this ever-changing job market.


Our education system is mainly based on theoretical knowledge rather than on-field experience. This has led to over 70% of graduates lacking employable skills. We believe this employability gap is caused by a lack of internship experience and job-specific training.


Our programmes fill this gap by providing students with opportunities to work at top-tier companies and combine this with courses following a theoretical yet relevant curriculum that supercharge our students’ employability.

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